Around this time of year I start to think of ways both N and I can be active. It’s starting to warm up so I want to get outside and enjoy the garden and warmth while I can. As we are fans of NFL we sometimes go to the park and throw around a ball […]

Wind in the Willows

Recently Wind in the Willows opened at the London Palladium and we went to go and see it. N reluctantly went along, he didn’t say why he didn’t want to go. By the time we were due to leave to go he was telling anyone who will listen where he was going. Our seats were […]

Kidzania Party

  Recently N has had his birthday party at Kidzania. We have visited Kidzania before (read our blog post here) and thought it’d be a great place to have a party. The children loved the party, they didn’t stop at all constantly finding things to do and they were having lots of interesting conversations. I […]

Summer Children – Schools

N is lucky (or unlucky) in that he has a summer birthday. He gets to have lovely weather for his birthday and may even be lucky enough to have an outdoors birthday party. However, as most research shows summer born boys don’t do as well in education. I have previously written about my worries about […]

One Third Stories Review

At N’s nursery they were taught French as well as the normal things expected at nursery, I really enjoyed hearing Nate come home and speaking French (with his awful French accent). He was able to get by in asking for hot chocolate and other simple things when we have visited France however, since starting school […]

Pizza Express Fathers Day

Sunday 18th June 2017 is Fathers Day, it has crept up on me this year normally I am ready and have presents and everything sorted. When we were invited to a Fathers Day Pizza party at Pizza Express, I snapped at the chance. N loves cooking, his dad not so much; I thought this would […]

All Stars Cricket

Last summer N spoke about playing cricket (he actually said he wanted to play for Sussex and England, aim big) and wanted to go to a cricket camp over summer, I was disappointed in the lack of cricket clubs for small children and how few there were for slightly older children. Some of the nearest […]

Cubetto – Review

Teaching programming at home. As you may have read the National Curriculum has changed in the last few years and now includes teaching programming to children aged 5 upwards. I have recently been looking at how to facilitate learning programming at home as a technologist. We have in the past come across Cubetto and I […]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This blog comes a little late to those who wish to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal in London as the show has recently closed. I’ve been trying to pursuade N that he would like to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate factory for over a year. He briefly in the […]