Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This blog comes a little late to those who wish to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal in London as the show has recently closed. I’ve been trying to pursuade N that he would like to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate factory for over a year. He briefly in the summer agreed that he would like to go however I didn’t manage to secure tickets until fairly recently.

N is a big Roald Dahl fan and has watched both film adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this did not stop him feeling a little unsure of going to see the stage production. Up until this point he has only seen an Octonauts show at a theatre. We had tickets for the Grand Circle which had a lovely view of all of the stage. N got a booster cushion and as soon as the curtains lifted he was drawn into the production and couldn’t stop watching.

I loved the show and thought the casting of the different children was very well done, the songs were very apt for the personalities of the children they were portraying. I liked the tweaks they had made for example Violet Beauregarde was accompanied by her father and was an all round famous personality. They stuck with Depp’s characterisation of Willy Wonka which I think works especially on the stage.

We absolutely enjoyed the show and would recommend seeing the tour version of the show. N was exhausted after the show but couldn’t stop talking about it for days afterwards and has asked to see it again, so we will be trying to catch the tour version.