Cubetto – Review

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Teaching programming at home. As you may have read the National Curriculum has changed in the last few years and now includes teaching programming to children aged 5 upwards. I have recently been looking at how to facilitate learning programming at home as a technologist. We have in the past come across Cubetto and I have intended to buy it but previously it was always on preorder and I am a little impatient.

I got sent a discount code so I decided to buy it. I got the Cubetto with the adventure pack which gives you four extra adventure books and maps.

I had a quick play before N got home and tried it out on some relatives who had fun working out how they would solve random problems I gave them.

As soon as N saw the boxes he was excited and wanted to unpack them straight away (I had cleverly repacked everything) and read the manual and then the adventure book solving the problems on the way. The books were written in such a way that I wasn’t needed at all. I came back to help him design a function which actually just consisted of me saying “try it and see”, and then “what could you change”.

He happily worked through two adventure books and their associated maps before I stopped him.

Overall I really enjoyed watching him work through the books and although it says 3+ on the books unless you intend to read the instructions on the books I think 6+ is more appropriate in terms of them working through the book themselves. Although as a supervised toy at 3 this would work very well.

I would love to see more adventure packs being released as they are enjoyable problems for the children to solve.