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Last summer N spoke about playing cricket (he actually said he wanted to play for Sussex and England, aim big) and wanted to go to a cricket camp over summer, I was disappointed in the lack of cricket clubs for small children and how few there were for slightly older children. Some of the nearest clubs were in the next county (roughly 60 miles away) which would have meant a lot of driving to and fro.


Monday evening I was invited to an event celebrating the launch of All Stars Cricket. All Stars Cricket is a new programme for 5-8 year olds, when you sign up to the programme you are provided with your own special kit bag which contains a sports bottle, ball, bat, cap and personalised T-Shirt. The bat you are provided with is a size 3 which is a little bit big for N; the clubs are provided with their own kit bags.

In those kit bags the clubs are given stumps, many different balls and smaller bats. The bats are designed to be wider than normal to enable children to make contact with the ball. The aim is to get children into and enjoying cricket. So there are larger balls to help smaller children learn how to catch, bean bags are used as well.


I learnt a lot of interesting facts and picked up a few tips; thanks Lauren Winfield for the bowling tip. One of the facts was how little time children spent outside, roughly less than an hour a day. This was incredibly surprising as spread out over the year including summer I would have expected children spent far longer outside and being active than this. It has made me think about all of the ways we could be doing more to get our children active.


You can sign up to the All Stars Cricket programme by following the link, I have looked at all of the addresses I have lived at and the furthest address from a club is 2.12 miles away. The most expensive was £50 for the 8 week programme including the kit bag and the vast majority are sticking to the RRP of £40. Currently I have 10 clubs within 5 miles of our home, of those I have 5 different days to choose from and only two are charging above the RRP. I fully intend to sign N up to one of our local clubs once I have worked out which day is best for us.


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