Summer Children – Schools

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N is lucky (or unlucky) in that he has a summer birthday. He gets to have lovely weather for his birthday and may even be lucky enough to have an outdoors birthday party. However, as most research shows summer born boys don’t do as well in education. I have previously written about my worries about this and how I had spent a long time considering keeping him back a year. That was over a year ago now, I decided to send him to school in the year he turned five. He was the youngest in his year, N rose to the challenge of being the youngest.

In fact my concerns have been very different to what I thought they would be. I imagined him struggling being the youngest and what I found was the exact opposite (in some ways) he was being held back, not being challenged and even left without instruction from a teacher. This all changed when we changed school and his new teacher has ensured that he is kept busy and stretched.

For me all of the news and people writing about their summer child especially boys were saying how they struggled and were not ready for school. This left me worrying about how N would do in school and if I should hold him back. This isn’t to say no child struggles but I wanted people to know that some summer children are ready for the challenge of school.