Wind in the Willows

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Recently Wind in the Willows opened at the London Palladium and we went to go and see it. N reluctantly went along, he didn’t say why he didn’t want to go. By the time we were due to leave to go he was telling anyone who will listen where he was going.

Our seats were not as amazing as Dreamgirls we were in the Upper Circle, 6 rows from the back. N didn’t need a booster seat which was good as I didn’t see any nor were we offered one for him, as soon as the curtains went up he sat perfectly still to watch and he got a pretty well unobstructed view of the stage. There were a few points in the show that he struggled to see what was going on but this did not in any way ruin his or my enjoyment of the show.

The show as a whole was great and is a great show for children to watch as there a few great songs which are very catchy and there is always something happening on the stage (there weren’t any points where N lost concentration).

I loved seeing the show however, I have noticed that I end up watching N and his enjoyment far more than any show we are supposed to be watching. It’s great watching their little faces and the expressions they have and watching him start to smile as he starts to really enjoy a song.