Homeschooling – Lockdown edition

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I realise I’m a little late to this as schools are in the process of reopening however, if I’m honest I still don’t think we have got the hang of homeschooling in this situation. I had dabbled a bit a few years ago, when I wasn’t working.

Most homeschoolers will tell you that we have spent the last three months doing is not homeschooling and I agree with them. Homeschooling is a choice, this situation was thrust upon us with barely a few days notice. As someone who likes to be prepared for most situations I had a fair few workbooks and resources that I had collected over the years. Although I was lacking printer paper and a colour printer, we only have a black and white laser printer.

The lack of notice was particularly hard for N, who likes the structure and routine of school. Like probably many children, the joy of not going to school has been replaced with disappointment that being at home was not what he expected. He still had to do school work and even worse (for him) I have stopped TV watching before ‘school’. The TV became another distraction for him to not complete his work or a reward for rushing through school work. By removing all screens until 3pm it meant that his school work improved.

While I have enjoyed having N at home with me, I have struggled with the feeling of being pulled in a thousand different directions. Mum guilt is strong here, have I done enough school work with him, is he still progressing as he should? Am I spending enough quality time with him? Yes we are together 24/7 but that doesn’t mean he’s getting the best of me when I’m spending between eight and ten hours a day working. The lack of divide between home and work has been especially difficult, it is easy to logon early with the intention of finishing that much earlier to find yourself still responding to emails at 7pm.