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Recently I received my Hackaball, which I had backed as a Kickstarter. This is a short review as we haven’t had a real chance to… Read More »Hackaball

Lapland UK

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Last weekend was the opening weekend of Lapland UK for 2016. We decided to visit as N is now of the age to appreciate all… Read More »Lapland UK

Snowdogs by The Sea

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Snowdog art trail- scattered around Brighton there are more than 40 Snowdogs. We have spent a few weekends searching for these Snowdogs, on day one we found 23 and then the next day it rained so we only braved the Marina so we only found the Snowdogs there.

The Snowdog trail has been created to raise money for the Marlets Hospice and local schools have been involved decorating small versions of Snowdogs or Snowpups.








There is an app to help you find all of the Snowdogs, many of the Snowdogs unlock deals on the app.

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As a treat for N for doing really well at school this year, I decided to take him to Kidzania. We had looked at Kidzania… Read More »Kidzania


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We recently attended a STEM fest in our local town hall. There were lots of interesting stalls and even an inflatable planetarium. One of the… Read More »Caterpillars


In Brighton there is a great shop which goes by the name Photomatic. In the shop there are two photobooths and plenty of props. I’ve… Read More »Photomatic